Hillary Won’t Congratulate 19-Year Old Shooting Medalist… Instead, She Congratulates…


The first American in the Olympics to wear a hijab during competition just made her debut in Rio.

Liberals everywhere were thrilled. And Hillary Clinton jumped on the moment to promote “political correctness.”

But Ibtihaj Muhammad hasn’t been supportive of her own country. She’s spoken out in the media about America’s treatment of Muslims and bashing the same country she represents.

But while Hillary celebrated this, she purposefully ignored America’s first gold medalist… a 19-year-old lady who won the air rifle competition

Ginny Thrasher’s story is amazing, but because of Hillary Clinton’s anti-gun agenda her presidential campaign wouldn’t recognize her extraordinary victory:

American shooter Ginny Thrasher took home Team USA’s first gold medal in the Olympics on Saturday.

In an interview with ABC News’ Matt Gutman following her victory in Rio, the 19-year-old said she wouldn’t be celebrating yet. “I have to go refocus for my next match,” the teen gold medalist said, adding that she shoots again on Aug. 11.

“After I shoot that match, I’ll be going back, straight to classes for my sophomore year,” the Springfield, Virginia, native, who attends West Virginia University, said. “They start the day after I get back.”

Thrasher beat out China’s Du Li and Yi Siling, who took home silver and bronze respectively, in the women’s 10-meter air rifle, to win the first gold medal for Team USA in Rio.

“It’s a sport of precision,” Thrasher said of shooting. She described shooting for a perfect score, which would require hitting a target that is as small as the period at the end of this sentence.

“Picture a pencil, and if you take the eraser of that pencil, that’s the very middle of the circle. And then if you took a period in size 12 Times New Roman font, and you put it in the middle of that pencil eraser, that is the 10. So, I have to hit that dot at 10 meters to shoot a 10. Now that’s just a 10.0, if I hit that dot it’s just a 10.0, and then if I hit in the very exact center it’s a 10.9,” Thrasher explained.

Via ABC News

Hillary Clinton is only proud of women’s accomplishments… if they fit a far-left political agenda.




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